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Nu-Solve NR

  • Ready-to-use, non-rinse condenser coil cleaner
  • Non-foaming, detergent based formula for emulsifying grime
  • Formulated where water availability for rinsing the coil is problematic or solvent based aerosols are not desired
  • For situations when its desirable to have less diluted cleaner on the roof


Nu-Solve NR is a ready-to-use, detergent based cleaner to aid in the removal of efficiency-robbing grime on the condenser coil. The non-foaming specialty cleaner does not require a water rinse for situations where water availability is an issue. Nu-Solve NR is safe on plastic, metal and rubber materials. The cleaner is VOC, CARB compliant, contains no Prop. 65 compounds and ships as a non-hazmat product.

The cleaner is specially formulated for applications where water availability for rinsing the coil is problematic. Nu-Solve NR should be used when solvent based aerosol options are not economically practical, or where it is desirable to have less diluted coil cleaner on the roof when cleaning a line-up of dusty rooftop coils. Nu-Solve NR is an engineered, ready-to-use alternative than to merely spraying the coil with portable water since water alone does not address varying organic films that caused the soils to adhere to the coil in the first place. Nu-Solve NR emulsifies grime off the outdoor coil; simply spray the coil and go! For severely contaminated coils or embedded material (i.e., cottonwood), a more aggressive Nu-Calgon outdoor coil cleaner is required.

Nu-Solve NR provides post cleaning benefits of treating the aluminum surface for added corrosion protection and improves ease of grime removal off the coil on scheduled maintenance intervals.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
1 gallon bottle 4295-08


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

  1. In general, Nu-Solve NR is safe on rubber roofs. For other roof materials, we recommend testing the cleaner on a small area of the roof prior to cleaning to ensure no discoloration/tarnishing occurs.
  2. Turn off or disconnect power to unit being serviced.
  3. Remove any heavy or matted soils that can be easily dislodged by hand. Nu-Solve NR is a formulated to emulsify/disperse soils on the coil. For matted debris (cottonwood), a more aggressive Nu-Calgon coil cleaner such as Nu-Brite will be required.
  4. As with handling any coil cleaner, wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves.
  5. Pour Nu-Solve NR in a sprayer reservoir. To achieve the maximum cleaning benefit of Nu-Solve NR, we recommend a sprayer that can achieve 150 psi at the sprayer tip. The higher pressure provides optimum spray velocity to separate undesirable materials from the surface as the cleaner emulsifies the grime on the substrate.
  6. Cap and prep sprayer so Nu-Solve NR is ready to be dispersed. The cleaner is formulated to be compatible with equipment, plastic, metal, and rubber; however, do not spray directly into electrical components.
  7. Liberally spray outdoor coil. For moderate to heavier soil/grime loads on outdoor coil, sprayer the coil and allow Nu-Solve NR time to emulsify the soil/grime for a few minutes, and then follow-up with a repeat application of cleaner.
  8. No rinsing of the outdoor coil is required. The emulsified soils in the Nu-Solve NR cleaner will drip to the base of the equipment and biodegrade/evaporate in time.
  9. After cleaning, return the system to service. Be sure to rinse sprayer with water after day’s use.

Note: Nu-Solve NR can be used on an evaporator as a no rinse product. In this circumstance, the condensate provides some added cleansing of the coil.

SPRAYER GUIDELINES: Nu-Solve NR can be applied with any Nu-Calgon tank sprayer. For best results, Nu-Solve NR should be used with any professional sprayer that can achieve up to 150 psi at the sprayer tip. A backpack sprayer is a readily available option. This type of sprayer provides desired outlet pressure to quickly dislodge soils from an impacted coil with the dispensed cleaner emulsifies the grimed metal substrate before it drips to the base of the equipment to bidegrade/evaporate.

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