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Rx11-Flush Calculator

Enter the length of line set you are flushing in feet in the first column that matches the actual outside diameter of the line, listed in the second column or nominal line size, listed in the third column.

Enter Line Set Length Below (ft) Actual Outside Diameter (in) Nominal Line Size (in) Pounds of Rx11-Flush Needed
{{row.outsideDiameterInchesDisplay}} {{row.nominalLineSizeInchesDisplay}} {{row.resultRx11FlushPounds.toFixed(2)}}
Estimated Total: {{ sumTotal.toFixed(2) }}

Description Size Part #
Rx11-flush Starter Kit 1 lb. can, Gun, Hose & Valve 4300-08
Rx11-flush 1 lb. canister 4300-09
Rx11-flush 2+1 Display Pack 2 - 2 lb. cans & Injection Valve 4300-10
Rx11-flush 2 lb. canister 4300-11
Rx11-flush 13 lb. cylinder 4300-15
Rx11-flush 26 lb. cylinder 4300-26
Flushing Tool 1 each 4300-50
Rx11-flush Gun 1 each 4300-51
Rx11-flush Hose 24" 4300-52
Injection Valve 1 each 4300-89
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