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Clean Guard

  • For use when cleaning indoor coils with Nu-Calgon cleaners
  • Easiest install on the market – installs in seconds!
  • Durable braided elastic band with wheel lock adjusts in seconds for a desired fit
  • 4150-01 and 4150-02 now with hook-and-loop and antimicrobial
  • Heavy duty design
  • Eight-foot drain line for Clean Guard (XL). The Clean Guard CC uses a 10 foot drain line


Clean Guard, Clean Guard XL and Clean Guard CC are reusable maintenance bags specifically for use by HVAC contractors to clean wall-mounted mini-splits and ceiling cassette systems with Nu-Calgon cleaners/disinfectants when the indoor coil and blower require service. Clean Guard installs in seconds with its use of an industrial grade elastic collar that simply and automatically adjusts around the indoor unit. There is nothing more simple and quick to use in the market!

The device provides 360-degree coverage to protect overspray on the walls, an integrated eight-foot drain line and heavy duty design to allow its reuse. For future use, Clean Guard simply needs to be rinsed, dried and stored in the five-gallon bucket used to collect the cleaning solution during service.

The Clean Guard and Clean Guard XL now include hook-an-loop buttons on the opening to make it easy to dry out the mini-split and bag after use. The Clean Guard and Clean Guard XL are now treated with antimicrobial chemistry in the plastic to resist deterioration by mold and fungus!

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Clean Guard - units up to 12,000 BTU 4150-01
Clean Guard XL - units 18,000 to 36,000 BTU 4150-02
Clean Guard CC - Commercial Ceiling Cassettes 4150-03


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Ensure You Have Proper Supplies Before You Start. The Clean Guard (4150-01) is sized for wall-mounted mini-split indoor coils up to 12,000 BTUs (1 ton) in size. For wall-mounted mini-split indoor coils between 18,000 and 36,000 BTU (1.5 to 3 tons) in size, it will require the larger Clean Guard XL (4150-02). The Clean Guard will also require the use of a readily available five-gallon bucket and the use of a suitable Nu-Calgon cleaner.

  1. Disconnect power from the unit.
  2. Remove the return filters and protective cover off the mini-split indoor unit.
  3. Simply snap the industrial elastic collar around the indoor coil. Important: Make sure the adjustable collar fits well to create a workable seal around the unit so as not to cause damage when cleaning the coil/blower followed by a power water wash if necessary.
  4. IMPORTANT: The Clean Guard does not cover exposed electronics. Please be sure to protect any electronics when cleaning with a cleaner and if pressurized water is used.
  5. Position the five-gallon bucket on a stable surface, typically the floor in most cases, and position the Clean Guard funnel into the bucket.
  6. During cleaning, wear protective gloves and eyewear.
  7. Select a Nu-Calgon coil cleaner that is best suited for the job. For coils and blowers that need to be cleaned and disinfected, Nu-Calgon’s Evap-Fresh gallon (4166-08) with the use of a 50P Sprayer (4770-0) or Evap-Fresh No Rinse aerosol (4166-75) with the use of the Talon Flexible Wand (4776- 0) are good options. For tough duty, Tri-Pow’r HD coil cleaner may be necessary; but the use of Tri-Pow’r (at a 3:1 dilution) requires a water rinse. NOTE: Some tough applications may still require a follow-up rinse with pressurized water using a market available sprayer.
  8. While cleaning, keep an eye on the five-gallon bucket to make sure cleaner/water is draining into bucket properly; resolve any kinks in the Clean Guard as necessary.
  9. Recommission the mini-split system back to service.
  10. Rinse, dry and store the Clean Guard inside the bucket for repeated use.

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