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Bromicide Tablets

  • Prevents algae and slime bacteria from growing
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Removes existing biological growths
  • Effective over wide pH range
  • Many times more effective than chlorine alone
  • Safer on system materials of construction
  • EPA Registered for cooling water systems


Bromicide Tablets are a chlorine/bromine-donating organic compound in tablet form. This product, when dissolved in water, slowly releases powerful oxidizing hypohalous acids which are highly effective in preventing algae and slime bacteria fouling in open recirculating cooling water systems. Bromicide Tablets also have the capability of breaking up and removing existing biological masses from system surfaces.

Algae are microscopic plants that grow rapidly in open recirculating water systems. Stimulated by sunlight, warm water, and nutrients of airborne or process origin, algae can form thick, slimy accumulations.

In recirculating cooling systems, these free-floating growths are carried to heat exchangers where they become lodged and act as binders for sludge and suspended matter. In addition, algae promote deposition of efficiency-robbing bacterial slime because they provide the organic material necessary for bacterial growth. Typical consequences of unchecked algae and bacterial deposits include reduced heat transfer efficiency, high head pressures, fouled equipment, and increased power and service costs. Proper treatment with Bromicide Tablets aids in maintaining design capacity of equipment by keeping it free of algae and slime growths.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
50 lb. Pail 4109-M9


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

The frequency and amount of Bromicide Tablets required to control algae and slime depend on the type and amount of microorganisms present, plus other system variables such as pH, temperature and degree of contamination. Initial and subsequent dosage, therefore, may be different for each system. Place tablets in the feeding bag or in a floating chlorine dispenser (typically used in pools and hot tubs) and place in the sump in area where circulation is good. Initial Dosage: When the system is noticeably fouled, apply 5-15 Bromicide Tablets (0.2-0.6 lbs.) per 1000 gallons of water in system. Repeat until control is achieved, or until one ppm halogen residual is established for at least one hour. Subsequent Dosage: Thereafter, when microbial control is evident, add 3 to 8 Bromicide Tablets (0.1-0.3 lbs.) of per 1000 gallons of water in the system until a free available halogen residual of 0.1-0.2 ppm is achieved.

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