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Ty-Ion C70

  • Ferrous metal corrosion is minimized by patented organic phosphate technology that utilizes both anionic and cationic inhibition principles
  • Contains a polymer to inhibit and prevent the deposition of calcium orthophosphate
  • Contains a synergestic blend of calcium carbonate scale inhibitors that control scale in high mineral content water
  • Disperses iron oxide and minimizes deposition on heat transfer surfaces


Ty-Ion C70 is an all-organic liquid scale, deposit and corrosion inhibitor for use in open recirculating cooling water systems, evaporative condensers and air wash systems. This treatment program is particularly effective in preventing scale deposits in systems which utilize makeup water with high scaling potentials, usually without supplemental acid feed. It is particularly effective in controlling phosphate-based scales through the application of its patented polymer system. This polymer is also very effective in dispersing iron oxide, silt, mud, clay to facilitate removal through the bleed-off.

Ty-Ion C70 also provides corrosion inhibition that is superior to other non-heavy metal programs and is competitive with many heavy metal programs. It provides excellent protection for both the ferrous and non-ferrous metal components of the systems.

Once the monthly requirement of Ty-Ion C70 is known, a decision can be made as to the method of feed. It can be fed with the CMS Feed Pump (Part No. 4609-1), or the CMS IV Pump/Monitor System. Or it may be introduced through one of the Nu-Calgon drip feeders. Consult the instructions on the next page.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
15 Gallon Pail 7597-P3
5 Gallon Pail 7597-05


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Ty-Ion C70 is a complete scale, corrosion and silt dispersant product. To achieve the full benefit of the product as a scale and corrosion inhibitor, it should be used at a residual of 120-150 ppm (mg/L). This level allows full corrosion protection, and does so at a level where fluctuations in treatment rate can be tolerated. For scale and deposit control only, a treatment residual of 45-50 ppm (mg/L) should be maintained in the water.

Use the chart on product bulletin 3-92 (Download by clicking on the "Product Information" tab.) to identify maximum allowable cycles, bleed in gpm and the monthly requirement of C70 per 50 tons of capacity. As the tonnage on a given job differs from 50 tons, simply change the bleed and monthly requirement of C70 accordingly (i.e., for 150 tons, triple the bleed and triple the monthly requirement of C70).

Product Information:

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Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.


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