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  • Ultra bright fluorescent dye
  • Injects in seconds
  • Works with all AC/R systems
  • Super concentrate
  • A2L Ready


EasyDye is a fluorescent leak detection dye for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  It can quickly and easily be injected into a system to find refrigerant leaks anywhere in the system.  It will work with all commercially available oils, and it is perfect for split systems, heat pumps, microchannel coils, packaged units and mini-splits.

Scan the system using Nu-Calgon's UV Leak Detection Kit flashlight (4050-15).  A bright green-yellow glow will pinpoint the location of all leaks in the system.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
EasyDye 1 Each 4050-51 Systems 1.5 to 6 tons


STEP 1: Inject Make sure system is running and use Connect Injector Tool (4155-01) or Universal Treatment Injector (4779-0) to connect EasyDye to suction service port of system. Be sure to purge air from tool before connecting EasyDye. Connect high side (red) line of manifold gauge set to the high side service port. Purge air from hoses and connect center yellow hose to EasyDye. Briefly open high side valve on the gauge set to allow a little liquid refrigerant to push the EasyDye into the system. Close high side valve and disconnect. 

STEP 2: Find the leak Scan the system using the Nu-Calgon UV Leak Detection Kit (4050-15). A bright green-yellow glow will pinpoint the location of all leaks in the system. 

NOTE: Do not bend, cut or deform EasyDye tube. Be careful not to allow refrigerant to spray on bare skin, as it could cause frostbite.

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