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ClenHands Hand Cleaners

  • Tough on dirt, easy on hands
  • Quickly dissolve dirt, grease, fuel, pipe dope, resin, ink, glue, rubber gasket and tile cements, and other hard-to-remove soils
  • Contains antimicrobial and skin care ingredients


ClenHands Orange Crush is a premium citrus-based hand cleaner that quickly dissolves all hard-to-remove soils. It is enhanced with fine-ground American pumice. ClenHands hand cleaners are formulated with nine skin care ingredients including aloe, jojoba, glycerin, wheat germ extract, almond oil, soil oil and vitamins A,C, and E to help protect hands. ClenHands Cherry Crush is a cherry-scented antimicrobial hand cleaner with pumice. It quickly dissolves hard-to-remove soils and is formulated with ten skin care ingredients including all of the above plus lanolin. ClenHands Super Gel is a traditional petroleum-based gel hand cleaner. It emulsifies dirt, greases, inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, paints, industrial carbon and other heavy-duty soils. It is formulated with 5 skin care ingredients including aloe, jojoba, glycerin, wheat germ extract,and vitamin E.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Orange Crush with Pumice 1 gallon 61201 2201
Orange Crush with Pumice 15 ounce 61203 2215
Cherry Crush with Pumice 15 ounce 61204 2315
ClenHands Super Gel 11 ounce 61205 2414


Apply hand cleaner to dry hands and rub hands until soil is dissolved and wipe dry or rinse with water.

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