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Gallo Gun Cannon

  • Quickly and easily clear clogged ¾˝ lines through the existing ¾˝tee
  • Inflates to make an air tight seal for maximum clearing power
  • Designed to quickly and easily attach to your Gallo Gun 4179-01
  • The most unique drain clearing accessory on the market
  • Bypass access fittings and openings to properly clear clogged lines
  • Patent-pending design unlike any other tool in the industry
  • For use exclusively with the Nu-Calgon Gallo Gun 4179-01
  • Ideal for use with vent openings, access fittings, tees, and more


The Gallo Gun Cannon is an inflatable drain opening accessory specifically engineered to quickly and easily clear clogged ¾˝ PVC condensate drain lines through the existing ¾˝ tee. Simply drop the Cannon into the cleanout/vent tee on your drain line, push the trigger, and the Cannon will inflate creating an airtight seal while instantly clearing the clog in your drain line. Designed to be used exclusively with the Gallo Gun 4179-01, the Cannon works with vent opening, access fittings, or tees installed on the HVAC drain line and ensures your clogged drain line gets cleaned the right way every time!

The Gallo Gun Cannon inflatable drain opening accessory is ideal for ¾” PVC condensate drain lines. Use the Gallo Gun Cannon exclusively with the Nu-Calgon Gallo Gun 4179-01 to clear slow moving HVAC condensate lines. Ideal for use with systems that have vent openings, access fittings, or tees installed on their drain lines.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Gallo Gun Cannon 4179-05


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only. Wear proper safety glasses and gloves.

1. Thread the Gallo Gun Cannon’s hose in to your Gallo Gun 4179-01.

2. Load a new Mag 20 CO2 cartridge (4179-20) or  Mag 16 CO2 cartridge (4179-16) in your Gallo Gun.

3. Insert the Gallo Gun Cannon into the tee or access opening on your drain line. Ensure that the Cannon is past the connection that leads into the evaporator.

4. Once the Cannon is in the drain line past the connection to the evaporator coil simply press the trigger of the Gallo Gun. The Cannon will instantly inflate to create an air tight seal in the drain line and the force of the CO2 will clear the clogged drain line.


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