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PurCool Green

  • For all air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain pan applications
  • Keeps condensate drain pan lines clean and free-flowing
  • Prevents sludge build-up and odors
  • Time release formula, 4-6 month service life
  • Metal & plastic safe
  • Adheres to drain pan; will not float or move


PurCool Green strips and tablets prevent sludge build-up in air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain pans. They utilize unique, environmentally friendly plant-based suspending and dispersing action to prevent build-ups, overflows, and odors in drain pans. When placed in the drain pan, PurCool Green will slowly dissolve in the condensate water, providing preventative treatment for 4-6 months. PurCool Green does not contain any harsh chemicals or biocides, making them safer for the user and the environment.

Use in all A/C air handlers, fan coil units, window units, mini splits, and refrigeration condensate drain pans.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Mini Strip 61044 PCG5MS
10 Ton Commercial Strip 61045 PCG10T
30 Ton Commercial Strip 61046 PCG30T
3 Ton Tablet 61048
3 Ton Bulk (200) 61049
5 Ton Tablet 61051 PCG5T
5 Ton Bulk (100) 61052 PCG5T-100


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.


Place the PurCool Green strip or tablet in the condensate drain pan away from the drain opening. When drain pan begins to collect condensate water, the PurCool Green strip or tablet will adhere to the pan, begin to slowly dissolve and provide treatment. PurCool Green will not float or move in the drain pan, and over time, the PurCool Green will completely dissolve. When the product is no longer visible, it is time to replace the strip or tablet. Wait a minimum of five minutes before equipment start-up.

Mini Split Installation

PurCool Green Mini Strips were designed to fit into the tight fit drain pans of Mini Split air conditioning air handlers and other tight fit applications. Place the PurCool Green Mini Strip inside of the inner edge of the drain pan so that it is sitting flat in the pan. As the evaporator fins begin to sweat with condensate, the PurCool Green Mini Strip will slowly dissolve treatment across the drain pan, preventing sludge, odors, and overflows. PurCool Green Mini Strips are sized to treat up to 5 tons and can be cut in half to treat multiple smaller evaporators.

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