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• Quickly and easily sanitize your space with the use of EPA sanitizers and disinfectants

• High atomization density spray and strong electrostatic capabilities for coverage

• Adjustable spray nozzle emits formula at range from 0-150ml per minute

• Static coverage of over 16 feet with a spray distance of over 9 feet

• Heavy duty translucent bottle with ½ gallon capacity

• Fully charged battery will provide 30 minutes of run time

• Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger


The ViroBlaster is a portable electrostatic mist sprayer designed to quickly, easily, and effectively dispense a variety of Nu-Calgon cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants. The electrostatic method of the ViroBlaster helps the product cling to surfaces much more efficiently than a standard sprayer. The ViroBlaster uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery to provide 30 minutes of use efficiently dispensing product.

Click here for a list of ViroBlaster-approved chemicals.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
ViroBlaster Sprayer, 1 each 4780-0
Rechargeable Battery, 1 each 4780-1
Battery Charger, 1 each 4780-2


1. Take the product out of package and check if there are any parts missing or damaged before using.

2. Check the battery gauge by holding the on/off switch on the battery pack; if the battery level is less than 50% (less than 2 LED lights on), please recharge it before using.

3. Mount the battery pack onto the bottom of the sprayer.

4. Mix disinfectant or chemical liquids in proportion or use ready-to-use formulas and fill into the 1.8L bottle. Then screw the bottle onto the sprayer device.

5. Note: Do not fill and use corrosive liquid or ethyl alcohol with this device.

6. Review the instructions from the solution that you will be using through the ViroBlaster for proper and accurate use.

7. Press the on/off switch on back of sprayer to start the job. The nozzle can be rotated to adjust the spray from 0-150ml per minute.

FOR BATTERY:  Do not store the battery in elevated temperature for an extended period of time. Do not put the battery with sharp or fine metal wire or pins. These materials may touch both terminals of the battery and cause it to short circuit, leading to a burnout or explosion. Store the battery in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, protecting it from direct exposure to sunlight. The battery must be stored in a partial state-of-charge, ideally 40-50% (2 LED lights on), recommended temperature 0°C ~25°C. If it is not regular use, be sure to charge the battery to approximately 50% SOC instead of fully charged at least every 3 months. To charge the battery, make sure to use the original mains charger included in the package. Using a different charger or improper voltage may burn out the battery or cause serious injury.

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Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.


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