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A/C Restart

  • ReStart treatment specifically for R-22 retrofits
  • Eliminates oil change-out by boosting oil return when using R-407C, R-427A and others
  • POE lubricant with Rx-Acid Scavenger® technology addresses acids at retrofit
  • Single dosage treats up to 5 ton A/C systems


Nu-Calgon’s A/C ReStart is a specially formulated POE lubricant based product designed to aid in oil migration of existing oil when replacing the R-22 refrigerant with R-407C, R-427A or others in air conditioning/heat pump systems.

A/C ReStart also includes Rx-Acid Scavenger® technology to address acids at retrofit. The four fluid ounce bottle is to be used with the reusable A/C Re-New Injector Tool (4057-99). A/C ReStart Connect Inject is a quick, one-time disposable injector option for introducing the treatment into the air conditioning system with the use of the reusable Connect Injector Tool (4155-01).

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
A/C ReStart Connect Inject 4060-56
4 fluid ounce can 4060-55


Directions for Installing A/C ReStart 4 oz. Liquid

This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Unpressurized product can be used for R-22 / R-407C / R-410A.

Use of the A/C Re-New Injector Tool (4057-99) is recommended for installation.

  1. Secure hose-end to suction side fitting, with valve in closed position. Once attached, crack valve quickly to purge.
  2. Add 4 fl. oz. to cylinder and the close cylinder lid to seal.
  3. Install A/C ReStart
    a) Attach a vacuum pump to the other end, as shown, using another short hose with a shut-off valve. Draw vacuum on extra hose, then close its valve. Proceed to step 4.
    b) As an alternative method without the vacuum pump, use a clean manifold hose set and proper service techniques to push the A/C ReStart into the low side with high side pressure. Be sure to purge or “burp” all lines.
  4. a) Attach to high side and then briefly open valve on second hose to pressurize the cylinder of product. Close valve.
    b) Slightly open valve on cylinder to push product into system low side.
  5. Once installed, close this valve and disconnect from low side fitting.
  6. Close up cylinder to prevent any contamination from entering it.

Directions for Installing A/C ReStart Connect Inject

1. Make sure system is running and low side and high side service ports are properly identified. If unit is a heat pump, be sure it is in cooling mode. Remove caps from the Connect Inject.

2. Make sure isolation valve on Connect Injector (4155-01) is turned off and connect to low side service port. Barely screw on Injector, briefly open valve to purge hose and then tighten.

3. Connect high side (red) line of manifold gauge set to the high side service port. Briefly crack open high side manifold valve to purge air out of the yellow hose. Close high side manifold valve, then quickly tighten yellow hose fitting to the A/C ReStart Connect Inject.

4. Open isolation valve on Connect Injector. Over the next minute, with the vessel in a vertical position, slowly modulate high pressure through injector by opening high side manifold valve so product flows into system. Close manifold valve and allow a few seconds for Injector to stabilize to low side pressure.

5. Remove manifold and Injector from the system service ports and replace caps. Remove Connect Injector Tool so it can be used for the next installation – do not discard. Properly discard black colored Injector.

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