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Idemitsu PVE Lubricants

  • Compatible with all HFC refrigerants
  • Excellent lubrication performance
  • Perfect for retrofitting
  • Does not hydrolyze - excellent stability in the presence of moisture
  • Soluble & compatible with other refrigeration oils and process fluids


PVE or polyvinyl ether lubricants are finding increased application and use by compressor and equipment manufacturers. The list of OEM’s that have tested and approved Idemitsu’s PVE Lubricants is impressive. PVE lubricants exhibit excellent performance characteristics in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and they are particularly well suited for use with HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404, R-407C, and R-410A. In fact, PVE lubricants are compatible with all HFC refrigerants.

In addition to its solubility and miscibily characteristics, the PVE lubricant provides for increased stability and lubrication. In particular, PVE lubricants do not hydrolyze in the presence of moisture, a very important feature in HVAC/R applications. Additionally, they are compatible with other refrigeration oils and process fluids. PVE lubricants also exhibit compatibility and performance with frequently used anti-wear additives.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
6x1 Quart case 4319-14 FVC32D
6x1 Quart case 4319-20 FV50S
6x1 Quart Case 4319-24 FVC68D


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