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EcoPure Refrigerants

  • Refrigerant grade propane (R-290) and isobutane (R-600a)
  • Meets AHRI 700 Standard - 99.5% purity level
  • Non-odorized
  • Reusable canister – use contents to completion
  • EcoPure Charging Assembly is the most simple, reliable, and accurate approach in the market!
  • EcoPure Charging System provides integrated charging hose and shut-off valve with precision weigh scale for simplified and accurate charging


EcoPure R-290 and R-600a are refrigerant grade products that meet AHRI 700 Standard purity requirements. The EcoPure refrigerants are colorless and non-odorized, so extreme care is required when handling these refrigerants.EcoPure R-290 and R-600a refrigerants are approved by the EPA’s SNAP program for the US market, effective April 2015 for food service applications. EcoPure refrigerants are for qualified professionals and only for equipment specifically designed and clearly identified that it uses R-290 or R-600a refrigerant.

Although these refrigerants are highly flammable, they are eco-friendly. Both R-290 and R-600a refrigerants have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) of three or less. In addition to EcoPure’s low environmental impact, they are more efficient than the HFC refrigerants they replace. Improved system efficiency reduces energy usage and life cycle costs.

The EcoPure Charging Assembly is the simplest, most reliable and accurate method for charging R-290/R-600a systems in the market. The EcoPure Charging Assembly allows the ability to recharge the system with one gram accuracy!

For contractors servicing small refrigeration systems who need a charging scale, the EcoPure Refrigerant Charging System has everything they need for precision dispensing and maximum flexibility at the job site. 

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
R-600a Refrigerant 4175-31 10.6 oz. canister
R-600a Refrigerant (Discontinued) 4175-30 14.8 oz. canister
R-290 Refrigerant 4175-21 10.6 oz. canister
EcoPure Charging Assembly 4175-10 1 each
EcoPure Refrigerant Charging System 4175-11 1 each




1. Always use EcoPure Charging Assembly when charging with Nu-Calgon’s EcoPure refrigerants for best charge accuracy.

2. Wear protective eyewear and gloves when charging system. Service in a well-ventilated area. ALWAYS use a combustible gas monitor in work area when removing or adding a hydrocarbon refrigerant charge.

3. Prep the system for system charging by pulling a deep vacuum with the newly created access port on the process tube for low side service.

4. Use the EcoPure Charging Assembly with a commercial available weigh scale capable of accurately measuring to equipment specifications. The assembly is capable of charging to gram weight accuracy to aid in charging to OEM specifications.

5. Close hand valve to the Charging Assembly before installing the EcoPure refrigerant canister.

6. With canister upright, install EcoPure Charging Assembly to canister.

7. Invert assembly on a commercially available weigh scale capable of measuring in grams. The charging base will securely hold canister in an inverted position for liquid charging.

8. In a ventilated area, purge line of EcoPure Charging Assembly by momentary cracking hand valve and then close.

9. Install charging hose to newly created access connection for low side system service ONLY. Do NOT install to high side pressure.

10. Tare the weigh scale so it measures zero; then slowly add refrigerant to system to desired specifications. If necessary during charging process cycle system operation as necessary to add correct refrigerant charge. DO NOT overcharge the system.

11. After charging, close hand valve on EcoPure Charging Assembly and remove from system.

12. In a ventilated area, turn EcoPure canister upright and quickly remove charge base from cylinder so that only a small amount of refrigerant vapor escapes when disassembling. If refrigerant remains in the canister, use for another system designed for R-290 or R600a.

13. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, seal the process tube to eliminate possibility of a EcoPure leak from the system.

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