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  • Engineered 45° SAE flare seals for the HVAC/R market 
  • Field proven, OEM approved 
  • Creates confident leak-free flare connections
  • Prevents costly refrigerant leaks 
  • Reduces unwanted call-backs 
  • Improves the integrity of any flare fitting 
  • For new or systems already in service 
  • Applications: mini-split systems, thermostatic expansion valves (TEVs), refrigeration control valves, filter-driers, hi-high/low pressure controls, pilot lines and more
  • A2L Ready


FlareMate seals are specifically developed for 45° SAE flare fittings used in the HVAC/R Industry. FlareMate provides a long term, leak-free connection on new installations or to correct small flare fitting leaks with existing systems in service. 

FlareMate uses a special multi-ring design that provides multiple concentric seal points along the length of the flare mating surface. The formed copper seal is coated with a baked on, dry to the touch sealant specifically selected for refrigerants and lubricant duty. 

The combination of the seal design and its coated sealant layer compensate for scratches in the sealing surface and minor misalignment issues between the male and female flare. 

FlareMate is available in common 1/4” thru 3/4” flare sizes and handy packaging options. FlareMate is sold in various billable four pc. mini-split packs, 10 pc. packs and a combo pack for any service truck need

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Mini-Split Seal Pack - (2) 1/4", (2) 3/8" 4177-01
Mini-Split Seal Pack, 1/4x1/2 4177-02
Mini-Split Seal Pack (2)1/4, (2)5/8 4177-03
Mini-Split Seal Pack (2)3/8", (2)1/2" 4177-04
Mini-Split Seal Pack (2)3/8", (2)5/8" 4177-05
Mini-Split Seal Pack (2)3/8", (2)3/4" 4177-06
40 pc. Combo Kit 4177-20
10 Pack -1/4" Seal Kit 4177-30
10 Pack - 3/8" Seal Kit 4177-31
10 Pack - 1/2" Seal Kit 4177-32
10 Pack - 5/8" Seal Kit 4177-33
10 Pack -3/4" Seal Kit 4177-34
FlareMate Wholesaler Starter Kit 4177-40


1.) Remove any debris from the male and female flare seal surfaces before assembly. 

2.) If addressing a leaking flare connection, ensure the flare fitting does not have excessive damage or cracks in the fitting. If so, replace fitting. If not, proceed to step #3. 

3.) Clip the FlareMate seal evenly on to the male flare fitting. 4. Tighten to the recommended torque value provided by the OEM or guidelines provided by Nu-Calgon. DO NOT overtighten the flare fitting

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