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Thermo-Trap Gel

  • Protects drywall, wiring, joists, and other surrounding areas that a flame could also come in contact with
  • Adheres to all surfaces without staining
  • Viscous formula will not run or melt
  • Harmless to skin and clothing
  • Will not stain work surfaces
  • Cleans up easily


Thermo-Trap Gel's unique formula provides a protective barrier from open flames and heat that are present during soldering and brazing. The gel works as a shield that protects the surface from melting or burning. When finished, the remaining gel is easily wiped up and leaves no residue or stain. the gel is not a heat sink, but a protective barrier. Product may need to be added more than once if subjected to open flames for a longer duration. Drywall, wood joists, or other areas are not damaged from the open flames.

Apply to drywall, wood joists, wiring or other surfaces before brazing or soldering to protect them from the open flame. Protect adjacent surface areas from over-heating or damage prior to welding, brazing or soldering. Use to cool down heated surfaces. Prevent fires in adjacent areas when welding, brazing or soldering.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
1 Quart Spray Bottle 4371-32


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Before you solder, braze or weld, spray Thermo-Trap Gel on surfaces that need to be protected from the open flame. The amount required will vary depending on the temperature of the heating tool, and the length of time heat is applied. The longer the duration the flame is needed, the thicker the coating of gel will need to be. Your own experience will be the best guide in deciding how much to use. Remember, too much Thermo-Trap can’t hurt. Too little could. Be sure Thermo-Trap Gel completely covers the surface or area needed to be protected from the open flame. After the job is done, just rinse off with plain water or wipe off with a damp cloth.

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